Art Direction and Idea DevelopmentLacking creativity or stuck for ideas? We provide unique, creative ideas and visual solutions for your projects. We will partner with you to rebrand, repackage and reposition your products and service's so they have a renewed look and strong brand appeal! Contact Us

Advertising and Marketing We design advertising, brands and marketing materials that convey your message with elegance, color and professionalism. We will work with you to design professional communications that will provide impact to promote and grow your products and services. Contact Us

Animation and VideoWe can bring your ideas to life using 2D and 3D animation technology. Our animation and video services run the gamut from; character animation, product commercials, flythroughs, product visualization and video marketing. The sky is the limit! Contact Us

3D Modeling and 3D Prototyping 3D modeling has many advantages including: allowing you to see multiple views and animation possibilities! Why not have us model your ideas in 3D before you commit to costly prototypes and manufacturing expenses! We offer many 3D services including: 3D animation, 3D landscape design, 3D modeling, 3D product prototypes, and 3D visualizations. Contact Us
Digital Illustration Add color and a richness to any project with illustration. Our illustrations will capture your imagination and grab your audiences attention too. Whether mysterious, playful, whimsical or technical our illustrations will add impact to your next project. Contact Us

Label, Product and Package DesignWe have 15 years experience creating professional brands, labels, products and packaging. We will work with you to rebrand, repackage and reposition your products and service's so they have renewed appeal and strong brand appeal! Contact Us

Character DevelopmentFrom highly detailed characters to fun whimsical cartoons and everything in between, we have the experience to create character's with visual appeal and personality. Whether you need a character for a game, children's book, or powerpoint presentation let us bring your character to life! Contact Us

Sketches and Visual DevelopmentWe create preliminary drawings, concepts and sketches to allow you to visualize your ideas before comitting to costly prototypes and production costs. We will bring your ideas to life! Contact Us

"We gave BUZZFX a simple sketch and they transformed it into an amazing piece of artwork for us. I'd highly recommend BUZZFX to anyone who needs exceptional artwork"

James Miller - Ensemble Storybook Theatre, Santa Barbara California

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